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Abbreviations keys

Abbreviation key

Media temperature

  • C = cryogenic temperature
  • A = ambient temperature

Pressure range

  • LP = low pressure (below 1 bar)
  • MP = medium pressure (up to 40/45/63 bar)
  • HP = high pressure (250 to 420 bar)
  • UHP = ultra-high pressure (420 to 1.000 bar)

Vacuum jacketing

  • No = not suitable for installation in vacuum-jacketed pipes
  • Std = for installation in vacuum-jacketed pipes
  • Opt = suitable for vacuum-jacketed pipes, vacuum flange as option


  • GV = Globe valve
  • CV = Control valve
  • CHK = Check valve
  • STR = Strainer
  • OV = Overflow valve
  • RV = Relief valve


  • M = manual
  • P = electro-pneumatic
  • PR = electro-pneumatic with IP regulator
  • E = electric
  • S = solenoid
  • SPR = spring-based
  • HY = hydraulic


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Parameters: Sticks900_C_CV_PR

DN PN End connection d x s x l Length Height Extension A ø Seat Lift height Actuator square Control Cone Kv-Value Drawing number Single inquiry
151816,0 x 1,0 x 1069689279101077A1,5R18-900Single inquiry
151816 x 1,0 x 1069689279101077B1,89R18-900Single inquiry
251028,0 x 1,5 x 25138720300251577A2,50R18-901Single inquiry
251028,0 x 1,5 x 25138720300251577B5,00R18-901Single inquiry
251028,0 x 1,5 x25138720300251577C8,00R18-901Single inquiry
501054,0 x 2,0 x 5025010755004525113,5A7,50R18-906Single inquiry
501054,0 x 2,0 x 5025010755004525113,5BC15,00R18-906Single inquiry
501054,0 x 2,0 x 5025010755004525113,5BC15,00R18-906Single inquiry
501054,0 x 2,0 x 5025010755004525113,5C25,00R18-906Single inquiry

Technical Data

Technical DataTechnical Design
Service fluidsN2, O2, Ar, H2, He, NG*
Operating temp. fluid -196 °C (-269 °C) to +50 °C
Operating temp. enviroment -30 °C to +50 °C
Body material stainless steel
Actuator piston actuator, pneumatic single-acting
Seat sealing metal/PCTFE seat leakage rate 1*10-6 mbar*l/s
Body sealing O-ring (Viton) He leakage rate to atmosphere 1*10-8 mbar*l/s
Stem sealing stainless steel bellow physically tight
2nd stem sealing safety-O-ring (Viton)
Position regulation integrated IP-positioner
Standard regulation equal percentage
Position indication optional
Surface treatment machined, ground, electro-polished or passivated**
Body shape straight, angle or Y-type
Installation position horizontal in flow direction, actuator on top, max. 30° vertical
Material certificates DIN EN 10204/3.1 AD2000-A4
Actuating pressure 6 + 0,5/-0,0 bar, dry compressed air or nitrogen
End connect. for actuating air female thread G 1/8" G 1/4"
Welding flange as standard for vacuum insulated tubes
Safety position normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO)

* All dangerous, toxic or acid fluids according to material compatibility.
**Surface treatment can be choosen according to customer specification. See product options