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Fittings for maritime use

Liquid natural gas (LNG) is widely used in civil shipping as well as for the ship's propulsion itself. In a current project, large quantities of hydrogen are transported by ship. In military, the use of oxygen and hydrogen dominates – mainly to feed submarine fuel cells, or to ensure the oxygen supply in the cabin during a dive trip. For these and many other applications, STÖHR ARMATUREN offers both the optimum valves and extensive application knowledge for a vast range of operating conditions. 


Long-term experience

Many years of experience in the maritime sector
STÖHR ARMATUREN has been involved in a variety of gas installations offshore, onboard ships or within port infrastructure. Our valves have been relied on for many years, whether for gas storage, loading or unloading devices, or in the on-board control system between the gas tank and point of use. Our experience and knowledge enable us to integrate several valve functions into one valve body to save space, or to blow off gases by a hull valve through the walls of a submarine into deep sea. In short, STÖHR ARMATUREN valves are adapted to the exacting requirements of the maritime industry. 


Wide range of applications

Wide range of applications, adapted to project needs, produced to order
The focus of maritime applications is on shut-off valves, check valves and filters for both cryogenic and ambient media temperatures. Fittings are subject to a variety of tests in the context of the final inspection, and extensive requirements towards documentation before installation on board, in order to perform service at sea reliably for many years. Below are just a few of the high demands placed on the valve manufacturer, which come with all STÖHR ARMATUREN products as standard:

  • Individual specifications per valve
  • Vibration analysis for dynamic weak points of the valve by shock test
  • Version management of construction states of individual boats
  • Complete proof of the material history per fitting
  • Robust operation, long service intervals, reliability


Our clients

Our clients: direct customers and end customers
Our customers are engineering and design offices, plant construction companies as suppliers of subsystems, or the shipyard. In addition to the initial equipment ex-shipyard, we also supply replacement parts, overhauls, repair valves on the basis of an appraisal report, or the complete exchange of parts for retrofit programmes. 


Many options

Options for adaptation to a wide variety of operating conditions
Our products can be made to suit a range of bespoke specifications. Whether they need to meet the demands of seawater on product lifetime, to fit within compact, space-saving design, or to work within a difficult installation position on board – such as installation of cryogenic valves in a top-down, overhead position, we can help.<


Check it out

Our specialist marine products aren’t shown in detail on our website. For more information, please email our sales department at sales@stoehr-valves.de. 


Hull valve

Globe valve

Pneumatic globe valve 

Globe valve

Best for Helium - and nothing gets lost.
We offer solutions for liquid helium applications.Valves from STÖHR optimize effort and cost for an efficient transport of the medium to and within your gas plant.

Best for Helium

When used in 24 / 7 / 52 continuous operation, STÖHR valves are not immune to errors, despite their tried and tested design, the use of the best materials and careful processing during assembly and testing. If this happens, we offer support:

Valve Service 

Exhibitions, Congresses, Events: Your chance to meet, greet and share opinions with the team of  STÖHR ARMATUREN.

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