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Spare parts

As all products of STÖHR ARMATUREN are manufactured to order, spare parts can be ordered long after their initial delivery. In the case of parts sourced from third party suppliers (such as mounting parts, limit switches, and IP regulators), their availability depends on the availability from these suppliers.

Standard spare parts items are:

  • Sealing kit (maximum storage period up to three years)
  • Valve insert complete (VK) with valve plug (valve without housing and without actuator)
  • Filter cartridge (filter insert without housing)

Individually required spare parts can be taken from the drawings and parts lists included in the documentation. 

Important note: if the load on the bellows exceeds its designed load during operation, the bellow may break. This is typically the case when the actual number of strokes (up and down movement) exceeds the preset maximum number of strokes. Since the related parts connected to the bellow are welded to one single subassembly, the valve insert can only be replaced as one set.

    For clear identification, please let us know:

    • STÖHR ARMATUREN order number
    • Drawing number
    • Number of the parts list position of the component

    To further identify the valve, you can also attach a picture of the valve body engraving to the form.
    For enclosed valves, this information can also be found on the welding flange.

    Please make sure that your details are complete and correct so that STÖHR ARMATRUREN's sales department can process and contact you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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    Spare Parts
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