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for cleaning of the medium flow of gases at cryogenic or ambient temperatures

Abbreviations keys

Abbreviation key

Media temperature

  • C = cryogenic temperature
  • A = ambient temperature

Pressure range

  • LP = low pressure (below 1 bar)
  • MP = medium pressure (up to 40/45/63 bar)
  • HP = high pressure (250 to 420 bar)
  • UHP = ultra-high pressure (420 to 1.000 bar)

Vacuum jacketing

  • No = not suitable for installation in vacuum-jacketed pipes
  • Std = for installation in vacuum-jacketed pipes
  • Opt = suitable for vacuum-jacketed pipes, vacuum flange as option


  • GV = Globe valve
  • CV = Control valve
  • CHK = Check valve
  • STR = Strainer
  • OV = Overflow valve
  • RV = Relief valve


  • M = manual
  • P = electro-pneumatic
  • PR = electro-pneumatic with IP regulator
  • E = electric
  • S = solenoid
  • SPR = spring-based
  • HY = hydraulic


Overview and worth knowing:

Strainer (STR)

Filter (STR)

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  • How does a gas filter work?

    In fluid technology, a filter or strainer retains solids from a gas or liquid flow – much like a sieve. The solid-free phase is usually referred to as filtrate in the filtration of liquids, and in gas filtration as pure gas. Filtration is especially important in the gas phase, where gas flows through the valve seat into a filter cartridge and is pushed through the filter meshes. 

  • What happens during the filtration process?

    The driving force of filtration is the pressure difference that occurs in the transport medium before and after the filter. The medium is pressed through the filter with excess pressure. Once the medium has passed through the filter, a pressure drop ("ΔP") occurs. The smaller the filter mesh, the higher the resulting pressure loss. It may be possible to minimise this loss of pressure by enlarging both the filter housing and the filter insert (also known as the filter cartridge). 

  • What filter mesh sizes does STÖHR ARMATUREN offer?

    Gas filters consist of a permeable filter mesh made of stainless steel wire of different qualities welded to a steel ring at the top and bottom. The fabric may have different-sized passages, the spacing of which is typically between a minimum of 3μ and a maximum of 100μ – often referred to as mesh size. The standard mesh size for filters from STÖHR ARMATUREN is 40μ. Other mesh sizes are available on request. 

  • Can a polluted filter be cleaned?

    If a filter insert becomes polluted, it can easily be removed from its housing, cleaned with distilled water or nitrogen, and reinstalled. Start by depressurising the pipe, then loosen the screws in the housing on top of the filter and remove the filter cartridge. After cleaning, the filter cartridge can simply be screwed into a thread at the seat, or inserted without threading. See the operating and maintenance manual for full details.

Product philosophy

Product philosophy

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  • What do STÖHR ARMATUREN products have in common?

    All STÖHR products adhere to the following standards:

    • Pressure-bearing parts made of solid material
    • Housing and connections made of stainless steel or special steel
    • High tightness of the first spindle seal to the outside using a bellows seal
    • Additional safety of the second spindle seal using an O-ring or metal ring
    • Media-adequate use of materials (steels and seals)
    • Fulfillment of the required industry standards according to European regulations
    • High operational safety
    • Low maintenance and spare parts requirement
    • Very low failure rates
    • Long lifetime
    • Low lifecycle costs

    detailed description

Distribution philosophy

Distribution philosophy

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  • What are the benefits of dealing with STÖHR ARMATUREN?

    Our customers experience the following advantages:

    • Expert advice and support from true product specialists
    • Bespoke products manufactured to your exact specifications 
    • Help to define your requirements to suit your project
    • Products supplied ready for installation 
    • A fast and effective response to any incidents
    • Long-term replacement supply

    detailed description

XXL sizes – a size class of its own.
XXL-fittings up to DN300

Valve Series Function Media-Temp. Nominal Diameters Pressure Range Actuator Vacuum-Insulation
Valve Series Function Media-Temp. Nominal Diameters Pressure Range Actuator Vacuum-Insulation
Sticks 900 Strainer Cryogenic Valve 15 MP (18 bar) Std
Univers 1200 Strainer Ambient Valve 10 – 100 MP No
Univers 1200 Strainer Cryogenic Valve 10 – 100 MP Opt

* Filters für high pressure levels are available but depend on the availability of the filter cartridges. In order to reach the specs with regards to mesh density / filter fineness, max pressure loss, expected KV value in combination, the filter neds to be customized in design. The pressure loss (delta-p) achieved can be verified by measurement.