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QA and acceptance tests

Production-integrated quality checks and final acceptance test (FAT) are carried out based on a defined quality plan:

  • Visual check with complete inspection of the welds
  • Functional test of the valve and all components
  • Hydraulic pressure test
  • Helium leakage test for leakage to the outside
  • Final quality check before packaging 


QA and acceptance tests that can be provided on request:

  • Non-destructive material test (NDT)
  • Cold test in liquid nitrogen (LIN)
  • Surface crack test by means of dye-penetration method
  • X-ray inspection of the welds of pressure-bearing parts
  • Ultrasound testing
  • Cleanroom installation and testing up to class 100
  • Protective Painting

Further test methods and testing services can be performed in cooperation with qualified partner companies, according to your specifications.
Final acceptance tests may be performed in the presence of customer representatives or external inspectors.

Best for Helium - and nothing gets lost.
We offer design solutions for liquid helium applications.Valves from STÖHR optimize effort and cost for an efficient transport of the medium within your system.

Best for Helium

When used in 24 / 7 / 52 continuous operation, STÖHR valves are not immune to errors, despite their tried and tested design, the use of the best materials and careful processing during assembly and testing. If this happens, we offer support:

Valve Service 

Pneumatic or electric actuators from different manufacturers, attachments for control valves, different valve cones, flushing valves or surface fineness - STÖHR ARMATUREN offers various options for the configuration of your valves:

Product options