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Extreme dimensions

Fittings in "XXL" size

Extreme media temperatures, extreme pressure levels, extreme tightness and - extreme dimensions. Precise control valves for scientific applications, media resistant globe valves for the chemical industry, miniaturised blow-off valves for space probes, fine-meshed gas strainers, gigantic valves for gas exploration: fittings from STÖHR in standard or special execution are in operation at thousands of sites worldwide and reliably working at 24/7.

From "XXS" to "XXL" size, our valves meet the highest quality expectations and requirements for acceptance with our customers. Especially for large nominal diameters up to DN300, STÖHR ARMATUREN has developed a family of valves with bellows sealing and strainers adapted from the successful series UNIVERS 1200 , UNIVERS 1600 or FREES 1200: control valves, globe valves, check valves and gas filters both for cryogenic or ambient temperatures. Sealing with bellows protects against leakage to the environment and offers additional safety for man and plant combined with highest energy efficiency possible.

Talk to us. We offer valve solutions for all extremes.

Technical Data

for XXL class valves

Technical Data Technical Design
Service fluid He, Ar, H2, O2, N2 in gaseous or liquid condition, LNG
Available diameters (mm) 125, 150, 200, 250 and 300
Function On-off, Control, Non-return, Strainer
Body sealing Stem sealing with bellow made of stainless steel plus second sealing (O-ring or comparable). Tightness to environment: 1x10E-8 mbar*l/sec
Sealing at valve seat Metal / PCTFE Tightness at valve seat: 1x10E-6 mbar*l/sec
Operating temp fluid ambient: 243 K (-30°C) to 323 K (+50°C), cryogenic: 2 K (-271°C) to 243 K (-30°C)
Operating temp environment -20° to +50° C optional: adjustment to environmental conditions (desert, sea water, humidity, …), outside painting
Nominal pressure (PN) in bar 10 / 16 / 20 / 25 / 32 / 40 / 50 (depending on valve size)
Actuator Manual (optional: gear-box assisted), electro-pneumatic or hydraulic. For non-manual actuation: incl. suitable mounting parts for position control and positioning
Fail-safe position Normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO)
Body type straight-through, Z-type, angle type
Connections Welding ends acc. to ISO, DIN, ASME or metric as standard; other end connections optional
Welding flange In cryogenic execution, available as standard for installation in vacuum-jacketed pipes
Body material Austenitic steel acc. to AD2000-W2/W10
Material certificates Acc. to EN 10204 3.1 / 3.2. Other materials and certificates on request
Options Detection chamber, Seawater-resistant design, increased pressure level up to PN50, optimised flow coefficient, short opening/closing time, manual override, manual spindle locking, gearbox for handwheel operation, outside coating, free installation position in horizontal or even upside-down direction, other options on request

Important to know

  • Below sealing for high tightness to the environment, especially when operating with flammable or combustible gases (H2, O2)
  • Drawing approval by customer before production release, in particular with regards to the pipe routing in the plant and related position of end connections
  • Designed and tested in accordance with PED 2014/68 / EU and AD 2000 leaflets
  • Fittings up to Cat. III of the PED may be developed and tested by STÖHR under constant monitoring by TÜV SÜD. For valves of category IV of the PED, STÖHR undertake all necessary coordination work with the notified body (TÜV SÜD) from drawing approval to final acceptance test
  • Issuing all necessary certificates acc. PED and AD 2000 leaflets
  • Issuing the EU Declaration of Conformity including affixing the CE mark
  • ATEX conformity
  • Declaration of conformity SIL acc.IEC 61508
  • STÖHR Standard Quality Control Plan:
    - Vision test with control of weld DIN EN ISO 5817
    - Functional test DIN EN 12266-2
    - Hydraulic pressure test (at factor 1.5 time x PN) acc. to DIN EN 12266-1
    - Leak tests for control of leackage to the environment (water bubble test, helium leak test DINB 1779)
  • Optional QA services:
    - PMI (Material Testing)
    - Non-destructive tests:
      -- X-ray test for welds at pressure-bearing parts acc. to DIN EN ISO 17636
      -- Ultrasonic testing scc. to DIN ESO 22825
      -- Colour-penetration test acc. to DIN EN ISO 3452
    – LIN cold test
    – Final Acceptance Test (FAT) in presence of customer representative and/or external auditor (TPI)
  • Optional QA services may be performed acc. to other rules & standards on request
  • Transportation: due to heavy weight requirements, the valves are equipped with locating pads. Gearbox (manual drive) or pneumatic / hydraulic actuator must be dismantled after factory acceptance test and delivered separately packed. Delivery takes place in sturdy wooden boxes.

Valves in XXL sizes

Examples of executions in sizes DN 125 to DN 300

Pneumatic cryogenic globe valve (DN150)

Pneumatic cryogenic globe valve in marine execution for installation near the sea, with pneumatic double actuator for increased pressure ratings up to nominal pressure PN50.

Pneumatic cryogenic globe valve (DN150)

Pneumatic cryogenic globe valve with optimised flow coefficient (KVS value).

Manual globe valve (DN150)         

                                                                 Manually operated globe valve with gear assistance and coating for customized environmental protection.

Pneumatic cryogenic globe valve (DN100)

Pneumatically operated cryogenic globe valve in marine execution equipped with compensator outside.

Pneumatic globe valve (DN100)

                                                                           Pneumatic globe valve with short shutter time.

Hydraulic cryogenic globe valve (DN150)

Hydraulically operated cryogenic globe valve in upside-down design for free installation position in horizontal position or vertically overhead.

Pneumatic cryogenic control valve (DN100)

Pneumatically operated cryogenic control valve with manual override in marine execution.

Pneumatic cryogenic control valve (DN100)

Pneumatically operated cryogenic control valve with vacuum jacket ex works.

Pneumatic cryogenic globe valve (DN150)

Pneumatic cryogenic globe valve with vacuum jacket ex works.

Pneumatic cryogenic globe valve (DN200)

Pneumatic cryogenic globe valve with tandem actuator and manual spindle locking.

Cryogenic check valve (DN300)

XXL cryogenic check valve

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Best for Helium - and nothing gets lost.
We offer solutions for liquid helium applications.Valves from STÖHR optimize effort and cost for an efficient transport of the medium to and within your gas plant.

Best for Helium

When used in 24 / 7 / 52 continuous operation, STÖHR valves are not immune to errors, despite their tried and tested design, the use of the best materials and careful processing during assembly and testing. If this happens, we offer support:

Valve Service 

Pneumatic or electric actuators from different manufacturers, attachments for control valves, different valve cones, flushing valves or surface fineness - STÖHR ARMATUREN offers various options for the configuration of your valves:

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