Series Univers 1600

Essential product features:

  • Cryogenic globe or control valve
  • Medium temperatures ranging from -271° C to -30° C (2 K to 243 K)
  • Manual or pneumatic diaphragm actuator
  • Angle body type
  • High Kv values
  • High control accuracy
  • Low heat input
  • Sniffer bore for monitoring tightness of the bellows
  • De-gassing facility
  • Numerous options for optimum LHe processing (Cu cold shield on the outer tube of the spindle extension, sliding heat contacts between spindle and inside of the outer tube, non-metallic valve spindles)
  • Various control cones for different control characteristics
  • Nominal pressure: PN40. Special version available for operating pressures of less than 1 bar
  • Nominal sizes: DN2 to DN300

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