Series STICKS 900

Essential product features:

  • Easy replacement of the compatible valve inserts
  • Prepared for installation into vacuum-jacketed lines
  • Cryogenic valve and filter series (globe or control valve, filter) in standard execution
  • Cryogenic valve for media temperatures ranging from -271° C to -30° C (2K to 243K)
  • Available as straight body (standard) or angle version (optional)
  • Low heat input through optimised bodies
  • As control valve, high control accuracy for flow control
  • Space-saving installation (small footprint) using compact piston or diaphragm actuators, IP-controller mounted on top of the actuator
  • Installation position can be horizontal or even upside down (optional: 900TD)
  • Nominal pressure: PN 10 / 18 / 25 depending on size
  • Nominal sizes: DN15 / DN25 / DN50
  • Easy to change the valve function by replacing the insert – for example, for globe valve, change valve insert for a control valve, and vice versa
  • Inserts are suitable for all body types

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