Series MAGROS 1500

Both available for ambient and cryogenic media tempertures:

  • ambient valve for temperatures ranging from -30° C to + 50° C (243 K to 323 K)
  • cryogenic valve for temperatures ranging from -271° C to -30° C (2 K to 243 K)

Essential product features for series Magros 1500:

  • Check valve with springless locking mechanism
  • Virtually no disposal of dirt due to a springless design
  • Almost noiseless operation due to avoided vibration
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation due to magnetic control of the cone
  • Actuation: solenoid
  • Straight body
  • After exceeding the opening pressure, decreasing energy loss with increasing valve opening, and in fully opened state as very low
  • Low pressure drop (Δp) due to flow-optimised valve cone
  • Optional installation in vacuum-insulated lines by tightly welded body type
  • Nominal pressure: PN40
  • Nominal sizes: DN6 to DN100

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