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Cryo Quick Acting Valve

STÖHR ARMATUREN developed theAXIUS cryo quick acting valve for an ARIANE rocket research programme. The valve is suitable for the service fluids LH2 and LO2, and in spite of extreme requirements it is characterised by very short acting times.

The AXIUS cryo quick acting valve is based on a consistant further development of the approved and patented AXIUS principle. By a simple design-engineering bodywork small dimensions and low weight are achieved. With DN 15 and PN 250 this valve matches with the standard model range.
With an actuating pressure of 40 bar extreme short acting times of 10 ms had been achieved on the in-house test facility. With these excellent values the customer's requirements could be even exceeded.
The temperature necessary for operation is achieved by a pre-cooling unit. This allows a temperature drop from inside. That way the coolest area is in the fluid space. Additionally the connection of the internal items is arranged in a way that the thermal conduction will be minimised considerably. That way losses will be minimised and operation costs are saved. The valve is designed as an "opener", but can supplied as a "closer" as weel for different applications.
Further more an according device allows an "emergency operation", which closes the valve in depressurised condition respectively keeps it closed.
The valve position is optically indicated by a pin. For MSR it is additionally equipped with an analogue position sensor. Fittings for limit switches are also available.
The AXIUS cryo quick acting valve is welded into an existing pipework, and the control stubs can be screwed, too. The highly stressed central sealing can be exchanged with low effort. The control stubs and pre-cooling stubs are oriented into one direction in order to simplify the thermal insulation for cryo valves, which is necessary after installation. Upon request this model is available for temperatures down to 3K (-270°C), as a 3/2-way valve and with customer-specific end connections.

Tecnical data 

Standard model


AXIUS quick acting

Operating temperature: 

77K to 323K (-196°C to +50°C)

Operating pressure:

250 bar

Actuating pressure: 

40 bar

Service fluids: 

LO2, LH2, LCH4

Body material: 

stainless steel



Acting time: 

10 ms
Installation position: any
Nominal diameter: 15 mm

STÖHR ARMATUREN was rewarded with the seal of quality for "Innovation by Research" by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Founding Association for German Sciences) and is a permanent corporate member of following cryogenic associations: Deutscher Kälte- und Klimatechnischer Verein | Cryogenic Society America, Inc. | British Crygenics Council |

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