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Figure: LOCKS angle type valve

Figure: LOCKS straight-through valve

Locks® – tank globe valve for transport containers of hazardous goods

New bellow sealed globe valve for transport of liquid hazardous goods developed and approved for new EU regulations.

To ensure compliance with the new regulations which came into effect by end of 2012, Astrium, the leading European space company, with its Space Transportation division as lead customer and operator has developed and approved in cooperation with STÖHR ARMATUREN the universal transport globe valve LOCKS® for portable gas cylinders and pressure vessels up to 999 litres.
The newly developed bellow sealed valve LOCKS is suitable and approved as shut-off device for acid, toxic or explosive media.
The valve is available as straight-through or angle type and is being offered with various connections.

With specially designed seals, the valve is suitable and approved for use with storable propellants. The distribution for this modified bellow sealed valve named SAIV*P ® will be done by Astrium: propulsion@astrium.eads.net

The tank shutoff valve SAIV*P® is certified according to the following rules and regulations:

  • TPED | EU directive for movable pressure equipment
  • ADR | EU directive for transport of hazardous goods on roads and for multimodal transports (road transport combined with train, ship or aeroplane)
  • RID | EU directive for transport of hazardous goods by train
  • IMDG | EU directive for transport of hazardous goods by ship
  • TA Luft | Clean Air Act

The examination and test according to EN ISO 10297:2006 (D) was successfully completed with Pi-marking at the German Federal Institute for Materials Research (BAM) with appropriate approval for gases according to Chapter 6.2 of ADR 2013/RID as equipment for portable gas cylinders.

Approved for pressure vessels transport of hazardous goods. With the successful design approval by BAM and VdTÜV for use for liquids MMH/UN1244, UDMH/UN1163, N2H4/UN2029 and IPA/UN1219, the type test according to DIN EN 14432:2006 by TÜV Süd with corresponding approval for liquid chemical products according to chapter 6.8 of ADR 2013/RID as equipment for tanks intended for the transport of hazardous goods was achieved in May 2013.

Technical data Technical Design
Temperatur -40 °C up to + 65 °C (233 K up to 338 K)
Max. tank operating pressure 24 bar (348 psi)
Diameter DN 10 (3/8'')
Design pressure TP 36 bar (522 psi)
Connections Glands (cutting or wedge clamping ring for duty and metric pipes acc. to DIN477-1, right and left hand thread UNJF / UNF, internal or external thread, VCR) and flanges (acc. to DIN1092-1, special customer design), adapters and many others to choose from.

LOCKS technical Data (PDF)


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