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Trade fairs 2017

MT25 Conference on Magnet Technology
RAI Amsterdam
27.08. – 01.09.

European Cryogenics Day + Cooling Systems for HTS Applications
KIT Karlsruhe
13. – 15. September

MEORGA Niedersachsen
Volkswagenhalle, Braunschweig
13. September

Sparkassen-Arena, Landshut
25. Oktober

Space Tech Expo
Messe Bremen
24. – 26. Oktober

Dear business partner

Our company is closed down for Year-end break between Dec 27, 2016 and Jan 06, 2017.

We wish a Merry Christmas and send Season’s Greetings and a happy New Year 2017 to you!

Cryogenic Equipment for your cryo-systems

Besides our range of cryogenic valves, STÖHR ARMATUREN also offers the supply of equipment for use in your cryogenic system more

FREES the valve for any position

FREES is the world's only cold valve for installation in vacuum-insulated lines that can be installed in any position


Univers 1600 – a new stainless steel universal globe valve for a wide range of applications with best cv-value in class.

STICKS with body housing

STICKS and other cryogenic valves now available with factory-provided multi-layer adsorption insulation material and body housing for the quick use in vacuum insulated pipes.

NOVIS – the new cost-effective series

With NOVIS valve series 500 STÖHR ARMATURES provides a standardized and cost-effective valve for cryogenic applications down to liquid nitrogen temperature

MAGROS cut pressure drops

With MAGROS valves the magnetic closing force decreases as the shutter opens further. The minimum cracking pressure is also low at less than 0.1 bar.

Extreme is our business

Since 1938 STÖHR ARMATUREN has been developing and constructing valves of high precision for plants and reactors for research and industry. Our experience is your advantage – concerning custom-made special valves and low-cost standard valves as well – with permanent high quality.

STÖHR ARMATUREN – quality without compromise.

STÖHR ARMATUREN was rewarded with the seal of quality for "Innovation by Research" by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Founding Association for German Sciences) and is a permanent corporate member of following cryogenic associations: Deutscher Kälte- und Klimatechnischer Verein | Cryogenic Society America, Inc. | British Crygenics Council |

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