valves and components for gas industry
cryogenic and high-pressure engineering
aerospace, marine and energy industry

Industrial Applications

Industrial Gases

  • Gas piping
  • Liquefaction and compression facilities for natural gas
  • Air separation facilities
  • Gas purification facilities
  • Bottle-filling plants for gases (300 bar-technology)
  • Globe valve for transportation of hazardous goods

Chemical and Pharmacy

  • In-production equipment and cooling cycles to control various gaseous and liquid media


  • Helium circuit for the particle accelerator
  • Helium circuit for the storage-ring-based synchrotron radiation source of
  • Mixing and regulating of gases to synthesize nano-particles
  • Nitrogen circuit to control temperature during freezing of biological cells
  • Linear accelerator


  • Valves for the gas supply to fuel cell of submarines for underwater propulsion
  • Special valves including a customized encapsulation filled with inert nitrogen for security reasons
  • Oxygen valves for air supply


Ground based equipment:

  • Storage tank valves and transport lines
  • Control of rocket fuel at engine test benches
  • Fuel-filling facility for launchers
  • Deep cooling of measuring equipment

Flying equipment:

  • Control Valves for the laboratory cooling system of the (ISS)
  • Absolute pressure control valves for the satellite air transportation
  • Safety relief valve for the satellite vacuum space of the He cryostat
  • Fuel supply for test of new propulsion systems (Texus48 mission)
  • Blow-off valve for ExoMars Rover

Energy Plants

  • Various valves in the 2nd and 3rd cooling cycle
  • Check valve with short opening time including damper device for filter cleaning
  • Pressure reducing valves

Other Industries

  • Plant engineering & construction
  • Electronics
  • Automotive engines
  • Food

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